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Solder mask is a lacquer-like layer of polymer that provides a permanent protective coating for the copper traces of a printed circuit board (PCB) and prevents solder from bridging between conductors, thereby preventing short circuits.And also, the biggest advantage you get with soldermask is that soldering gets much easier,as solder doesn't spread everywhere and gets confined to the pads, making things much easier and reliable.Created primarily to facilitate wave soldering, it was well used in mass assembly.Green is its traditional color but now many colors is available.
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  • volume:10mL/bottle
  • color:green ,blue and red


  • Features with quick curing
  • Insulates printed circuit board against shorting and arcing
  • Protects PCB traces from corrosion and moisture
  • Also used for repairing PCB after soldering and reworking


Soldermask step1.jpg

  • step 1.Apply paint on your PCB

Soldermask step2.jpg

  • step 2.Spread it on the PCB with covering the transparent mask film.Please note that you have to get rid of the bubble.And the ink should conver the whole PCB.

Soldermask step3.jpg

  • step 3:Put the film printed on the PCB ,conver them with glass.

Soldermask step4.jpg

  • step 4.Expose it under UV light ( or sun ) for about 10 minutes.

Soldermask step5.jpg

  • step 5.Wash away the extra paint by gasoline or oil base solvent.


  • sticks to nylon, acetate and polyamides


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